GUK Nylon Insert Locking Nuts are suitable for similar applications as the ‘KM Series’ locknut.The addition of the nylon insert, located towards the top of the nut, deforms over the mating thread and captures the bolt or stud. This provides a locking feature, causing resistance – or prevailing torque – keeping the nut locked into position and resistant to vibration.In addition to the polyamide insert locking feature, GUK Locking Nuts have four equally spaced slots machined into the outer diameter of the nut, which enable the nut to be secured into position using the appropriate tab washer, by bending the tab into the slots.These locknuts are not suitable in applications with high temperatures.
Dimension   table Dimensions in mm

DesignationDimensionsGroovesMass kg/pcs
GUK 0M10x0.7518157.64.531540.008
GUK 1M12x1.0021187.64.531840.009
GUK 2M15x1.0024218.65.542140.012
GUK 3M17x1.0028248.75.542440.018
GUK 4M20x1.0032279.6642740.025
GUK 5M25x1.50383310.56.553340.035
GUK 6M30x1.50443810.76.653840.046
GUK 7M35x1.50504411.3754440.062
GUK 8M40x1.50565012.37.765040.08
GUK 9M45x1.50625512.37.865540.095
GUK 10M50x1.50686112.98.166140.13
GUK 11M55x2.00756813.48.276860.16
GUK 12M60x2.00807313.48.277360.17
GUK 13M65x2.00857714.5977760.185
GUK 14M70x2.00928414.59.288460.23
GUK 15M75x2.00988915.51088960.27
GUK 16M80x2.001059616.511.2109680.34
GUK 17M85x2.0011010017.512.11010080.39
GUK 18M90x2.0021011017.712.51011080.54
GUK 19M95x2.0012511518.713.51011580.6
GUK 20M100x2.0013012019.714.51012080.68