KMK lock nut

Available from stock in diameters ranging from M10 to M60, both in steel and stainless steel, with other sizes available to order.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

Thread Gd2d3BbtS
KMK   0M10x0,752016932
KMK   1M12x12218932
KMK   2M15x12521942
KMK   3M17x12824942
KMK   4M20x13228942
KMK   5M25x1,53834952
KMK   6M30x1,54541952
KMK   7M35x1,55248952
KMK   8M40x1,558531162,5
KMK   9M45x1,565601162,5
KMK   10M50x1,570651562,5
KMK   11M55x275691573
KMK   12M60x280741573