KMTA precision nut

The KMTA precision nut have three locking pins equally spaced around, so that it can be locked onto the shaft by tight the grub screws. The end face of three brass pins are machined to match the shaft thread. When tightened to the recommended torque, the locking pin can provide sufficient friction between the ends and the unloaded thread flanks to prevent the nut from loosening under normal operating conditions

Available from stock in diameters ranging from M25 to M100, both in steel and stainless steel, with other sizes available to order.

Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.

KMTA 5M25x1.54235262032.5114.34
KMTA 6M30x1.54840322040.5114.35
KMTA 7M35x1.55347382045.5114.35
KMTA 8M40x1.55852422250.5124.35
KMTA 9M45x1.56858482258124.36
KMTA 10M50x1.57063522461.5134.36
KMTA 11M55x1.57570582466.5134.36
KMTA 12M60x1.58475622474.5135.36
KMTA 13M65x1.58880682578.5135.36
KMTA 14M70x1.59586722685145.38
KMTA 15M75x1.510091772688136.48
KMTA 16M80x211097833095166.48
KMTA 17M85x21151028832100176.48
KMTA 18M90x21201109332108176.48
KMTA 19M95x21251149832113176.48
KMTA 20M100x213012010332118176.48